Physical Education Grades and Expectations

Effort is extremely important in Physical Education. Students are not expected to be “athletes,” or good at everything.  They are expected to give effort in everything we do in PE. 

1st- 5th grade students will receive numeric grades in Physical Education.
(Grades count toward honor roll.) Grades will be based on participation , effort and being prepared for class.

We do not dress out at Windsor. We feel dressing out takes time away from valuable “active" time.  They are expected to be prepared for class. 

Students must have “athletic type” shoes. It is very important for student safety, comfort, learning, and participation. If your child wears shoes other than athletic shoes to school, please help them remember to put their athletic shoes in their backpack, to put on before P.E. 

*Girls must have shorts under skirts or dresses to participate in P.E.

If a student is sick/injured.-Students must have a parent note when they are sick or injured and need to sit out. Please help us keep your child active when at all possible.
A student with a parent note will be exempt from a grade that day. Their average is frozen until they can participate.
After 3 consecutive days, a physician’s note is required to be exempt from a grade. The doctor’s note should state the date that the student may resume activities or a doctor release will need to be provided before they may resume activity.

Behavior in Physical Education. Physical education is not just an extra recess, it is a class. We expect students to be respectful, responsible, and safe.


















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